Crystal Lite Pie

I actually want to call this one Sour Candy Pie. Here is a picture:

Sour Candy Pie

Wait a second, you might possibly be saying!  This blog was supposed to be about the baking of pie, but that is not a baked pie. That is a bunch of pre-mixed stuff shoved in to a pre-baked store-bought crust pie!

Well, I figured I’d start off easy.

Here’s what’s in this pie:

8 oz (one brick) of cream cheese
8 oz (one tub) of Cool Whip or generic equviliant
1/4 cup of milk
1 Graham Cracker Crust
Some Amount of Crystal Lite Lemonade Powder – more on this later
4 drops of yellow food coloring (for more lemonade look)

The original recipe that I had for this pie said to include ‘one container’ of Crystal Lite.  That was a vague instruction in need of some clarification, clearly.  The Crystal Lite we bought comes in little packets instead of a big container, and the entire container was six packets.  I used three, but maybe container meant packet and I only should have used one, because, woo, boy, this is a very sweet and sour pie.  You take a single bite of this dessert, and at first, it has a very mild flavor, then, suddenly, you’re hit with a nuclear lemon explosion as if you’d just choked down a Lemon Warhead. This is not a bad thing if you like creamy textures and Lemon Warheads, but otherwise I might use less powdered lemonade next time around.

If you want to try making this yourself, put the cream cheese and milk in a bowl, and let the cream cheese soften, until you can take an electric mixer to it and make it in to a smooth mixture.  Add the powdered lemonade (one packet… or three depending on if you want a sour mouth bomb!), then fold in the Cool Whip topping, and food coloring if desired.  Pour this all in to the crust, and chill for at least 3 hours.

A very simple recipe, and one I wonder if I can try again with something like just regular Kool Aid.  What sort of crazy concoction would come out?


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