Welcome to Pie A Week

This is a blog where I will catalog my adventures in making pies in 2010.  Starting now I plan to post about one pie a week.

Mostly I get the pie recipes from files that friends have sent me on the internet, or from web sites. When I mentioned that I really liked to make pies, people send recipes to me all the time. At one point it occurred to me, wow, if I wanted to make one different kind of pie a week, I still wouldn’t run out of pie recipes! So I decided to try it out and see.

The ironic thing is I’m also trying to lose weight this year, and not a small amount either. So I will actually be tasting, but then giving away, a lot of pie.

Most of the recipes are new to me, and I’m not a professional cook, so I can’t promise all the pies will turn out right.  That makes things fun though, so, why not?

I hope you’ll join me and maybe find some pies you’d like to try!

A pie crust.


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