Sparkling Strawberry Pie

I felt like working with strawberries again this week.

For this pie, you need:

Ginger ale

5 cups sliced strawberries
3/4 cup sugar
1 cup ginger ale
1 envelope unflavored gelatin
1/4 cup pineapple or orange juice
1 9-inch graham cracker crust, baked and cooled

Berries and Sugar

Pour the sugar on to your berries and mix it around.

Gelatin and ginger ale

Take 1/2 cup of the ginger ale and put it in a small saucepan on the stove. Add the package of gelatin, and let sit five minutes. It foams up and looks a little strange.

Then turn on the heat, on low, and add the rest of your ginger ale, and your juice.

Ok, I’ll be honest: the original recipe said to add sherry to this, and not fruit juice. Sherry is not something I generally have laying around, though. What I did have was pineapple juice, and… it worked fine.  I’m not sure what the sherry adds, if anything; I don’t think I’ve ever even cooked with it before!

Gelatin setting

This is kind of an odd step.

Take the gelatin mixture off of the stove and pour it over the berries. Then put the bowl of berries and gelatin in a larger bowl, with some ice water, and stir until it gets a little sticky, basically partially set. The idea is to ensure a more even gelatin/berry distribution.

Sparkling Strawberry Pie

After that, pour it in to the crust, and put it in the fridge to set. It takes at least 5 hours or overnight, in my limited experience.  This is what it looks like when done: a big ol’ pile of strawberries.

Mostly I’ve presented this pie without commentary, so here’s my verdict: this one was okay, but I don’t think I’d make it again, since it just wasn’t as divine as the chocolate strawberry pie and there’s a few other things I can think of to do with strawberries. There’s worse things, sure, but this was just sort of strawberries in a crust. You can smell the ginger ale in it, but I didn’t really feel like I could taste it. Maybe I missed out by not adding sherry, though I thought this pie was “OK” served with whipped cream and probably a good picnic dessert if you get summoned to cook for one at some point.


Meanwhile, I also had these bacon bits in my kitchen which I put together as part of dinner that night.  They did not go in a pie. But it makes me think maybe I should invent some kind of “Maple Bacon Pie” for instant popularity.  I BET YOU’D LIKE THAT, WOULDN’T YOU, THE INTERNET.


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