Homemade Pizza Pie

For the past few weeks I’ve been trying to perfect my home made pizza dough. So this week you get a pizza pie instead of a standard pie, but it is still a pie.  I did do this the “right way,” not ordering takeout. THAT would be a cop-out.

For pizza dough, I’m using this recipe from Formerchef.com.

Cooking your own fast food: pizza

Since the link is handy, I’m not going to reproduce the recipe, which is the bottom half of that post.  But I do have pictures for you…

Adding yeast to water, along with some sugar, salt, and oil, as in the recipe. I’m using “fast-rising” yeast. As you might predict, it makes the pizza dough ready in half the time: about thirty minutes! That’s not bad.

Yeast and water

Add flour…

Flour in pizza dough

Then add elbow grease.

Kneading pizza dough

Dough before rise…

Dough before rise

Cover it up…

Cover dough

… and Magic!

Risen Dough

It may seem silly, considering all the baking I do, but before this I was kind of nervous to work with “yeast” and “rising.” But 30 minutes doesn’t seem like much of a commitment and the results are pretty neat.

While the dough is rising, work on the toppings. I’m not much for olives and didn’t have any sausage handy.  Here’s some sautéed mushrooms, along with 3 cloves of garlic and half a large onion.

Pizza veggies

To the left is my very battered pizza stone, ready to receive.

When the dough is risen, flatten it out on to a disk and make a circular shape by stretching it. I’m not quite brave enough to toss it in to the air.

Pizza disc

Now start layering toppings.  Here I start with tomato sauce.

Tomato sauce

Then the veggies.

Pizza with veggies

In to this, I also added a little pre-mixed “pizza seasoning” (it came with my spice rack), and some crushed red pepper flakes.  Then, a layer of pepperonis.

yum pepperoni

And about 2 cups of mozzarella cheese to finish it off.

Pizza with cheese

Now bake:

Baked pizza

Then eat!

The last lonely slice

The last lonely slice.

Sorry for some of the crummy color in this photo session. Baking pizza is more of a night time activity.


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