Schadenfreude Pie

A friend linked me to this post on The Whatever because I’m a big fan of My Little Ponies. No, seriously.

Then I remembered that one of my goals with this pie experiment was to recreate the famous dark chocolate and molasses based Schadenfreude Pie.  Pie created from the emotion of joy based on the suffering of others! If you’ve never heard of The Whatever, welcome to the nerd side of the internet and enjoy your stay.  While browsing be on the lookout for that infamous picture of bacon taped to a cat.

So…anyway, you don’t need the recipe for this one. You can click the link for that! But you might want photographic proof…

ingredients for schadenfreude pie

Look, I even used many of the same labels and brand names as the original whenever possible for that authentic experience.  White eggs, though.

sugar, molasses, etc

dark chocolate filling

Mixing it up…

Filling the crust

Filling the crust…

Schadenfreude Pie

And… baked!

Now mine was in the oven for an hour, and it didn’t entirely solidify. The graham cracker crust sort of congealed in to a chewy mass from the baking though.  Other than that minor hiccup it was as rich and delicious as predicted. You really do only want a small piece.

&*$# you lady, that’s what stairs are for.


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