French Silk Pie

Another pie on the internet which had caught the interest of my husband is the Pioneer Woman’s French Silk.  This was originally posted as a Valentine’s pie, but since I already did a decadent dessert on Valentine’s, this turned in to a “no particular occasion” pie for me, since I happed to have all the needed ingredients just lying around.

The advantage of doing the Pioneer Woman’s pie is I do not need to replicate the recipe.  The disadvantage is her food photographs are much better than mine.  So go there if you want to learn how to make it!  For me, here’s my meager photographic proof…

Melting chocolate

Softened butter

Mixing butter and sugar

Chocolate and butter and sugar

Mixing chocolate and butter and sugar

Above is the pie before eggs.

Mixing in eggs

Yummy raw egg

Here is the pie filling during the egg process. Yes, the raw eggs were used. Though if you are squeamish,  my cookbook states that “egg substitute” is perfectly acceptable for this.  For me only real eggs will do.

Filling French Silk Pie

Here’s the pie crust filled with the filling. Other than my smaller kitchen and inferior photography skills it looks just like the one in the example! I’m almost there!

Whipped cream

I prefer to whip the cream and just cover the pie evenly for show.  Ironically seen in the background – gym membership passes to be useful if I decide to actually eat any of the pie.


Here is the pie after coming out of its fridge stay and being covered in the whipped cream.

Making choco curls

I thought to myself: the chocolate curls from that post do seem like kind of a hassle. But then I thought, well, I’m a food blogger of some stripe, so I’d be copping out if I didn’t at least try it. I used the “semi-sweet chocolate chips” method.

Chocolate curls in progress

And here’s the chocolate coating on a cookie sheet in my freezer.

Choco curls on pie

French Silk Pie


Having done it now, I probably wouldn’t do the chocolate curls again. They’re really pretty, but something about the shortening I used left a weird aftertaste in them.  I think it might be more delicious to just put the semi-sweet chocolate chips on the pie directly.

French Silk Pie Slice

The pie itself, however, is delicious and probably a sin.  Yum!


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