It’s Just Pumpkin Pie

What’s up pie people.

I wanted to make a pie to share this week. I wanted it to be seasonable, and not an experiment. So this is the right time of year for Pumpkin Pie!

Eggs and sugar

Adding Pumpkin

Ya’ll, I’m not going to reproduce this recipe, because, you’d figure out pretty quick that the recipe is just the one that’s printed on the can of pureed pumpkin.  Because why not?  I do mix my own seasoning, not “pumpkin pie spice,” which despite the fact that it supposedly has myriad uses, I have never bought.


I will say that the standard recipe calls for condensed milk, which I don’t keep around really, but I’ve experimented enough and about 2/3 cup regular milk works just fine.

pumpkin unbaked

I also almost lost this crust, bleh. I had to roll it out twice which is usually a bad idea. It turned out Ok though.

pumpkin pie

I do not actually know how it tasted because I took it to work. Judging by the swiftness with which it disappeared, it was good!

Next week I will create a more exotic variation.


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