Pumpkin White Chocolate Cheesecake Pie

I said this week I was going to do a variant on the pumpkin pie that required a bit more effort. That pie is the Pumpkin Chocolate Cheesecake Pie, which I found and ripped out of a Better Homes and Gardens magazine in 2008.

I thought to myself, then – self, I bet thanks to the magic of the internet, this recipe is posted elsewhere, and you won’t actually have to reproduce it.  And I was right! These are the instructions that I followed.  I did make one change, which was switching out the regular chocolate for white chocolate. I think it’s delicious that way, but follow your heart.

This pie takes 5 eggs, and they aren’t kidding about the deep dish. It also takes, um, a while, to make; over an hour in my case, and over an hour of baking. So be sure you have some time set aside if you attempt this.

Bottom Crust

My bottom crust prior to baking.

Cream cheese filling

Cream Cheese filling

Here is the bottom layer – cream cheese and sugar. It’s not overly sweet but the top layer will be sweeter so it balances.

White chocolate

A sort of bad photo of crushed white chocolate chips in my food processor.

pumpkin filling

cream and pumpkin

Stirring up the upper, pumpkin layer for the top half of the layered pie. This made a lot of filling; I might cut back slightly in the future on the top half.

Cheesecake pie filling bottom

Here is the cheesecake filling in the bottom of the pie shell.

Cheesecake pie bottom

This is what happens when the chocolate bits are added to the top. I know, not much difference, but, they’re there!

Pumpkin pie filling on top

This one got cut off a bit due to photography failure.  But notice the layer of stuff on top is really a lot; almost overflows the crust!

Pumpkin White Chocolate Cheesecake Pie

I’m not going to be a professional food photographer any time soon. Look at the pretty pictures at the Better Homes and Gardens site instead!  By comparison I’m so embarrassed. It’s tasty, though!

white chocolate pumpkin

And a bit prettier on the inside thanks to those nice layers!


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