Mincemeat Pie

Now complete!

Alton Brown has this recipe. Not reproducing for copyright fears.  You can even probably watch him make the pie on a “Sweeny Todd”-inspired episode.  I’m not going to link to said episode but Google might be able to help you out on that one before whoever is hosting it gets taken down. It’s really a fun one and I would hate to deprive you of it with a careless link.

What I will provide here is a bit of a trip report, with my photos…

Day One.  Chopped up many fruits, dried and fresh, in the food processor. Added spices, brandy, sugar.  My mince being in a regular food processor, it’s not as fine as Alton’s was (done in a meat grinder).  It looks… messy, but smells pretty good.

Day Three. Wow, that’s a lot of leftover brandy. It’s pretty strong to drink straight, not that I didn’t try. I have another plan for how to use it.

Day Seven…

Okay, I’ve been soaking the mince for about a week in the fridge now. It supposedly will keep up to six months, but it’s time to bake today.

Opening it up, the raisins, which were more or less intact after the grind, have gotten fat with absorbed liquid. The smell is heavenly.  It looks kinda gross, yes, but this is all counteracted by the smell (not pictured).

To create the crust, you mix the dry ingredients, then grate in a lot of butter with a cheese grater. A bit different. The crumbly bits are mixed by hand.

I may have measured a little funny during crust creation. The recipe given is by weight.  It says what to do if the dough is too dry, but mine was a little too … squishy, so I added more cornmeal and flour until it got a bit more solid.

The crust on TV wasn’t really rolled, just flattened out, like mini-pizzas. Then dump the filling on.  Well, mine don’t look as pretty as Alton Brown’s, but they do smell really good.

Out of the oven to cool…and…

Well, I was all prepared to say this was not worth the effort, except: I think it was.  Mm, so tasty with all those Christmas-flavored spices. And not any actual “meat” in it mind (just a bit of fat, which you could probably skip if you had trouble getting it).

The recipe made a little more filling than I thought it would, so I still have enough left for it looks like two pies. I think I’ll make them on Christmas. If you want one on Christmas, you’ll have to start making it now!

No photo of the completed pie because it turned out too bright.  Alas. I’ll follow up with that later or just watch the episode for a prettier final pie than mine.


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