Pie A Week Results from WordPress

WordPress sent me a cute summary of my blog readings this year! Neat! I had not gotten that from other blogging services.

Apparently the most popular pie is the Pecan Mystery Pie, which sort of surprised me, though it is very good.  The most popular search on this blog was for the Bad Baby Pie.  I can sort of see why, because as I did the search myself, others didn’t post the recipe. Or they posted an unmodified recipe that bakes up kind of funny (the originally stated recipe).  I personally suggest putting a half-dozen eggs in this pie. But maybe I’m just not a great quiche-maker and the originally stated 4, in the recipe, is enough.  Try it yourself and see! I have a big ham in my freezer so maybe I will do just that.

I’ve decided to continue posting my cooking experiments to this blog, though they won’t always be pies this year… so no need to leave forever if you were planning. However it’s a bit nice not to “have” to bake a pie today…  or at least, to be able to revisit some of my old favorites.


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